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Implementation of the project "Career Academy"
The project "Career Academy", is co-funded by the European Union under European Social Fund POKL, Priority IX: Development of skills and competences in the regions.
Action 9.2: Improving attractiveness and quality of vocational education.
The project is implemented under an agreement with Świętokrzyskie Biuro Rozwoju Regionalnego.
Innovation Project.

I am not here so that I am loved and admired, but so that I may act and love. It is not an obligation of the surrounding to help me, but I have a duty to care for the world and a man - used to say Janusz Korczak (Alexander Levin, Korczak known and unknown, Ezop publising, 1999, p 54 .)

The purpose of the project:

The main objective of the project is:
To support pupils with individual and special educational needs, to prevent the effects of developmental deficits through an early prophylactic and therapeutic intervention and to establish a comprehensive multispecialty diagnostic and therapeutic care for a three- year- old child.

A brief description of the project

Period of implementation of the project: from 02.01.2012 - 31.01.2015

During the implementation of the project all children in need of assistance will receive multidisciplinary support: speech therapy, educational, psychological, rehabilitation and innovative methods such as sensory integration (SI)  and EEG biofeedback. The "Career Academy" will end in January of 2015 and the result of the project will be the final product -
 a model of working with children 3/4/5 years with disabilities in development, with scenarios for practical work with children with teaching tips and aids and methodological commentary.
The project includes activities aimed at children (boys / girls) from 3 years of age and their parents.
It is implemented in Kielce.

Innovation of the Project
Project "Career Academy" is innovative in several areas: 
- PARTICIPANT'S OF THE PROJECT – children of 3 who are not attending kindergartens are of our special interest. From the experience in therapeutic work with children of 3 year old, we may conclude that our actions are innovative in Kielce province, as well as in our country. Therapists and specialists are afraid of working with such a young child - because there is no experience and we lack a working model. Today, working models with a child with developmental deficits and their family are started extremely late, only from the period of early school period, what make them less effective. The project is to develop a model of working with children with developmental deficits and their family, used by experts in MZPPP and is expected by other experts  in the . Świętokrzyskie province.
-PROBLEM - which has been diagnosed and so far one has not taken any appropriate action in the search for working out methods and adjustable tools. Additional training courses will improve the skills and competencies of professionals working in MZPPP, what will allow the use of new methods of work and to adapt the methods used in working with older children. Therefore we will adapt available tools and methods for mental and physical capacity of 3-4-5 years old
-FORMS OF SUPPORT – we expect to develop an innovative model of working with the child, lesson plans to work with 3-4-5 years children with developmental disabilities, and newsletters on the subject.
The Project provides the following forms of support:
speech therapy
learn therapy
psychological therapy
 sensory integration therapy
diagnosis of hearing disorders
EEG – biofeedback
early stimulation of auditory and visual perception
physical rehabilitation
 School for parents
Advisory place for parents of 3-year old kids

Stages of the implementation of Project:
The first step in the first stage of the project (February-March 2012) was to carry out the screening tests of 3 year-olds who attend kindergartens in Kielce. The research included a total of 1253 children. In this screening tests 1055 children were tested in speech and 997 were tested in educational and psychological tests. The study group consisted of 638 boys and 615 girls. The initial diagnosis is important in the context of the further development of the child as well as the planning of appropriate forms of assistance. Among the surveyed children a group of 153 beneficiaries with the most serious needs had been created in April 2012, which was cares by comprehensive expertise. The first stage of the project will be completed in August 2012 by writing a project strategy, which will be assessed. The period of September and October will be called a "Dead period" in which the committee will assess the strategy developed on the basis of six months working with the beneficiaries

The second stage of the project began in November 2012 when it recieces a positive evaluation of the project strategy. This step involves testing the product including: continuation of therapeutic work with beneficiaries and conducting further research, which will show the impact of therapeutic interventions in the prevention of developmental deficits.
In the second stage further forms of therapeutic assistance and professional support will be introduced:
Advisory place for parents of 3-year old kids (October 2012)
School for Parents (November 2012)
Hearing training  (October 2013)
 EEG - Biofeedback (2014)
We hope that the innovative project "Career Academy" will help to compensate  developmental deficits concerning children who are 3 years olds. At the same time, due to parents participation in training, will help to raise their awareness of work with their own children. The durable product that will be worked out during the period of project implementation will be the procedure of working with children at an early age of development. The greatest value of the project is the care for the smallest man in the early part of his childhood.